Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices? I am very flexible to work with your budget. I will consult with you for the best options of services that will satisfy your needs. Pricing varies and depends on the nature of the project. $150-$1,000+ for illustration work (pricing depends on the difficultly). ESTIMATES ARE GOOD FOR 15 DAYS. Prices are subject to change. Paintings, you will be charged for the hours of work and materials (canvas, frame, paint, print, etc). Generally Paintings go for $300-$9,000.

What payment types do you accept? PayPal payments are accepted. Payments will be made via a PayPal generated invoice. PayPal is a secure method of payment. If you don’t have PayPal, go to to set up your account.

DOES CP THE ARTIST PRINT THE COMPLETED ARTWORK? CP The Artist does not provide printing services. I do outsource to Printing Shops which will be added to your invoice. Please be aware that CP THE ARTIST is not responsible for additional costs incurred by the client associated with printing.

Additional Policies

Property Rights: I retain the right to show all drawings, artwork, specifications, & other visual presentation materials in printed or online portfolios. Clients who requests logo designs are responsible for securing copyrights/trademarks.

Termination: Either party (CP the Artist or the Client) may terminate a project upon giving written notice. Upon termination, CP the ARTIST will retain any initial payment & the client shall pay for all hours expended on a project up to the date of termination.

Charlton Palmer


Phone: 732.376.1955
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